Why It’s Important To Get Consistent Medical Treatment

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Why It’s Important To Get Consistent Medical Treatment

After being involved in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, a dog bite accident, or any other accident, it is critical to get consistent medical treatment. 

The reasons for this are twofold. First, appropriate and consistent medical treatment will help you heal from your injuries and get back on your feet as soon as possible. Second, regular and steady medical care will strengthen your personal injury claim in the long run.

Proving You Were Injured After a Lawsuit

In any personal injury lawsuit, you must prove that you were injured and that all of the injuries and related details you describe concerning the accident happened. For this reason, your medical records and bills affiliated with the treatment you received following your accident must be available. These documents and other evidence will eventually determine how much compensation you are owed.

What happens if you’re not consistent with medical treatment after your accident?

First, let’s talk about what it would mean to not be consistent with your medical treatment after your accident.

This would mean that you are doing some or all of the following:

  • Missing doctor appointments
  • Missing physical therapy appointments
  • Not following prescribed medical advice (for example, doing physical activities that may exacerbate your symptoms)
  • Not filling prescriptions
  • Not following up with medical providers about continued pain or other symptoms

Doing any of these things when you’ve just experienced a severe injury (especially when you’ve got an active lawsuit) is only giving insurance companies ammunition to tear down your credibility and argue that you weren’t actually injured in an accident.

Don’t let insurance companies call you a liar. Be consistent with your medical treatment to get the compensation you deserve. Most importantly, follow a consistent medical treatment plan to heal properly if you’ve been injured in a severe accident. Do not be the person suffering continued or residual pain as a result of your accident — for the sole reason you didn’t take the time to go to your chiropractic appointments.

Be consistent. Go to your physical therapy appointments. Do the exercises assigned to you. Nip the pain in the bud.

Gaps in medical treatment only hurt your personal injury claim and your chances of healing correctly.

Finally, hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. A great attorney will be able to get you the medical attention you need and keep you on track with your treatment plan and lawsuit.

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