Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Premises liability refers to the liability that someone have for injuries they are responsible for because they own or possess property.

Some of the kinds of injuries that occur include “slip and fall”, “trip and fall”, construction accidents and dog bites.

At Knoll Law Group, we have years of experience with premises liability cases and a great deal of success helping our clients win rewards for their injuries. These are the most common kinds of civil cases yet no two are alike. Your situation and case won’t look like someone else’s, so it’s important that you document the details of your specific case for us.

Call us for a no-obligation, confidential, and free consultation at (818) 610-0955. You can also submit your information to us through email. We are happy to review the details of your case and perhaps help you file a lawsuit to help you get compensated for your damages.

If you aren’t sure if you have a case, or you don’t know what you need to pursue a case, please call us for more information, but in general, some common premises liability cases involve:

  • Falls resulting in injury at stores or at businesses
  • Property disputes resulting in injury
  • Injuries resulting from building code violations or use of shoddy materials
  • Dog bites
  • Animal attacks

At the Knoll Law Group, we have many years’ of experience with premises liability cases and would be happy to hear your case. We know that dealing with something like this can be stressful so we work hard to help you understand your case and what we are doing and to get you the reward you deserve.

Call us today at (818) 610-0955 so we can get started with your case.

We serve the greater Los Angeles area, including Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, West Hills, West and North Hollywood, Northridge, Calabasas, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Encino and more!


We are dedicated to providing our clients with legal services in Employment and Personal Injury cases.

Personal Injury


settlement for a family who were cut off by a tractor trailer, which resulted in the death of one occupant, and severe injuries to two other passengers, one requiring cervical spine surgery, and the other receiving a $6,000,000 settlement for a six year old who suffered a post-traumatic brain injury, and orbital fractures, following the accident.

Personal Injury


settlement, following two days of trial, to a seventeen year old passenger of a vehicle following a head on collision leaving her a paraplegic.

Personal Injury


settlement for an injured worker, as a result of leg and arm crush injuries, following a partial collapse of a parking structure during the Northridge, California earthquake.

Personal Injury


settlement to a family after the driver of a vehicle made an unsafe left turn resulting in the death of the front seat passenger, and injuries to the driver.

Personal Injury


settlement to pedestrian who was struck by a city bus that made a left hand turn while the pedestrian was crossing the street in a crosswalk with a green walk signal. Pedestrian suffered a fractured left humerus (upper arm), which required surgical repair.

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