Three Key Steps You Should Take Immediately Following An Accident

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Three Key Steps You Should Take Immediately Following An Accident

After an auto accident, most drivers are unsure what to do. There are certain steps to take following an accident.

They may be injured, and their car may be damaged and smoking. The police may have arrived, ambulances, and others trying to help. The other driver may be asking demanding questions or even yelling. And as a driver, you may feel scared, disoriented, and frightened. It can be a very confusing and scary time.

Below, we want to help you understand the three key steps drivers should take immediately following an auto accident. As long as you are not so physically hurt that you cannot take these steps, these should be the first things you do before anything else.

What to Do Immediately Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

The goal of following these steps immediately after an auto accident is not only to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else but also to ensure you have everything you need for any potential personal injury claims you may decide to pursue.

  1. Make sure everyone is safe.

First, take a breath. Look around and see the health and safety of yourself and your passengers. Check yourself, and ask your passengers if they’re okay.

If you can move your vehicle to the side of the road and put your hazard lights on, do so. The health and safety of you and your passengers are your number one priority right now.

If you or one of your passengers is seriously injured, call 911 and request medical attention right away.

  1. File a traffic collision report.

The second step is to file a traffic collision report. This is important so that you can write down the facts of the accident.

Make sure you include any injuries you’ve sustained from the accident, whether a broken arm or a slight headache. Every injury needs to be in the traffic collision report.

  1. Take photos

Finally, you need to take photos. Whether they are of the damage to your vehicle or the damage to your physical body, take pictures.

Any lacerations or scrapes on your body need to be documented. Make sure to observe any bruising that develops after the accident as well.

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